Oil Change Services

Package pricing:
With Conventional Oil: starting at $61.95
With Full Synthetic Oil: starting at $97.95

Services include a Warranty Approved FRAM brand Oil Filter, Petro-Canada Supreme 5W-20, 5W30 or 10W30 motor Oil, Chassis Lubrication and our multi-point check including visual inspection of major fluid levels, air filter, cabin filter, drive belts, hoses and tire pressure.

  • Some vehicles may require specialized Oil Filters at additional cost.
  • We carry most major brands of motor Oil, call for pricing.
  • All services are subject to a Service Supplies fee of $3.99.

Regular Oil Changes are essential to long engine life and warranty protection. Motor Oil contains additives to help it keep your engine clean, cool engine parts, lubricate to reduce friction and wear, protect against rust and corrosion and seal combustion pressures. As the additives in used motor oil begin to break down it can no longer perform these duties and must be replaced. The Oil Filter serves to keep the Oil system free of larger particulate that can damage your engine. The Oil Filter should always be changed with the Oil.

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